groupadd — Clinet for adding of a new group on a cluster of passwdd hosts.
groupadd <target> [<user>] [-c <file>] [-m <members>] 
         [-a <administrators>]


Use this passwdd utility to a new group account on a cluster of hosts. The groupadd utility connects sequentially with all machines specified in the passwdc.conf(5) configuration file and sends delete request. Such request is allowed to be made only from an authorized administrator.

The first and the only mandatory argument of the command is the group name that you want to create. You may want to send the request not as the user who is currently logged on. In such case you should explicitly specify a user name as the second argument.


groupadd recognizes these options:

-c <file>

Use the file specifed as a parameter of the option to configure the daemon.

-m <members>

A comma delimited list of group members.

-a <administrators>

A comma delimited list of group administrators. This parameter is meaningful only if the passwdd host has a group shadow support. A group administrator from this list is authorized to modify the password of the group or to delete it.



Configuration data for the groupadd utility. For more information see the passwdc.conf(5) manpage.



If not-null the full pathname for an alternate configuration file. Overridden by the -c option.


There should be some. If you found one or more of them send a mail and I will do my best to fix them.



passwdc.conf(5), passwdd(8), passwdd.conf(5), passwdc(1), groupdel(1).