passwdc.conf — PASSWorD synchronization Client CONFiguration file


The passwdc.conf file defines the site-specific configuration data for all passwdd clients. The file is required. If this file is missing then a passwdd client programs will not know for which servers to operate and will assume a default value which is 'localhost'. Such a configuration is not meaningful as it is obsolete to use the passwdd suite on a single host.

Configuration File Syntax

Empty lines are allowed. All statements are case sensitive.

Comments begin with # as the first non-white character. Lines starting with % are also interpreted as comments.

The whole configuration file is divided in sections. A section names should be enclosed in square brackets.

In each section there is one or more key/value pairs. The key value is formed by the characters which reside on the left side of the = character. The data for the specific key is on the right side. Items not in a section are disallowed. The passwdd client programs will report error on parsing but the cgi-client will suppress errors and will use default values. So, be careful.

Configuration File Entries

There is only a General section, in the passwdc.conf file. The following configuration items are provided:


A comma divided list of destination hosts. passwdd must be run on each host and all server processes must be configured to accept connections on this port. You may specify IP addresses or hostnames (the names will be resolved when a connection is established).


Use specific port instead of the default 1099.



Configuration data for the passwdc utility. For more information see the passwdc.conf(5) manpage.



groupadd(1), groupdel(1), useradd(1), userdel(1), userchfn(1), passwdc(1).